FAQ dictado

• How to cut and paste a text.

Place your finger on a text and hold for two seconds, select a section and tap “copy”. To paste the text, place your finger on the surface of Dictado and hold for 2 seconds and tap “paste”.

• How to change the keyboard’s language.

In Settings/General/Keyboard you can introduce new languages to your keyboard. Then you will be able to change languages by tapping the sphere-like symbol that appears in your keyboard.

• How to listen to a sentence from the beginning when “paused”.

In order to return to the start of a sentence, just tap the back arrow once.

• How to find out the correct forms of the words in red.

Go Back to “Original” and the incorrect words in your dictation will appear in black font. You can go back to your dictation by tapping “next”.

• Why doesn’t dictado correct my punctuation?

Because the punctuation cannot be heard in a dictation. Dictado, therefore, only corrects words that can be heard.

• Why is there sometimes a stream of correct words in red?

In such cases, there is either an unnecessary or missing word in the dictation. Usually, Dictado is capable of identifying this error, but sometimes Dictado is not able to determine which of these is the most likely problem. If this occurs, please be aware that the error is located at beginning of the stream of words appearing in red.

• Why can’t I use dictado in arabic or hebrew?

Arabic and hebrew are written from right to left and for the time being, Dictado can only correct texts that are written from left to right. Unfortunately, this version does not possess the algorithm required to resolve this issue.